Tracy Gardner

Tracy has been consulting since 2004, working with societies, publishers and intermediaries on a wide range of projects including product development, strategic marketing and business development. She is a researcher and co-author for the How Readers Discover Content reports which have been published every 3 years since 2005.  She has worked in scholarly communications since 1997, when she joined CatchWord as Marketing Manager, and later worked at CABI as head of marketing and product development.

Tracy’s background brings a laser focus on doing what needs to be done now without ever losing sight of the end game. She has a strategic brain, which is combined with the enviable ability to quickly identify what is a distraction and what is relevant, and helps the rest of team do the same. She is an excellent facilitator and synthesiser. Years of experience in the industry have given her an indestructible sense that all problems are surmountable, and nothing scares her.