Simon Inger

Simon has worked in journals for 34 years, and as a consultant for the last 20 of those, where the work has mostly been with societies and the organisations that serve them. Simon was originally an Oxford electrochemist, before turning his hand to technology, product development, and then launching his first company, CatchWord, in 1995.

Simon is planning on shifting his work focus away from consultancy in early 2022, but until then continues to support all projects that Renew undertakes.

Simon always has a thoughtful and informed opinion on industry events and developments; the rest of the team haven’t yet worked out how he keeps quite so up to date, which of course he will never tell them (although they suspect it might be related to the fact he appears to know almost everyone in the industry). He is a fount of ideas, and approaches problems with energy and creativity; a natural entrepreneur who is generous with his ideas, with several successful business start-ups to his name – as well as several more he has helped others to start. He has a sharp commercial brain which he likes to exercise by building extremely complex spreadsheets.